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Beta 2.0

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box with items
Every day you will randomly receive different offers.
Wisely choose to always keep yourself stocked.
table with potions
There are 6 types of potions to help the villagers.
Could you handle all?
Increase your number of potions on your inventory to win more magic power.
More power, more benefits.
Sell your potions to buyers & win RODO to convert to BNB.
Their wishes are your commands.


There are 6 different rarities of cauldron.
Only 4 of them are available on grimoire sales.
It is indispensable to buy at least one cauldron to play.

Potions produced per day.
common cauldron
local_fire_department Common:
common cauldron
local_fire_department Uncommon:
common cauldron
local_fire_department Rare:
common cauldron
local_fire_department Epic:

local_fire_department Little bowl:

Little bowl

The little bowl arrive to Potion Seller in order to be the cheapest option to start the game. However, we recommend to have a minimum crafting of two portions per day for a better experience.

Prince Rodo Grimoire

Grimoire with the power to summon a cauldron. COMING SOON!

Prince Rodo Grimoire
Common TBA
Uncommon TBA
Rare TBA
Epic TBA

NFT Sale
calendar arrow
From March 17th, 2022
Until April 5th, 2022

Potion seller presale is OVER.

You can still get your grimoires or little bowl on the dashboard.

Keep in time with our nearest events.

Little bowl
USD$ 40
(~0.1 BNB)
Buy NOW!
Prince Rodo Grimoire

Available soon!


Make decisions in short games
to earn rewards in no time.

This is Potion Seller
plan your strategy, buy ingredients, create potions, attend buyers, sell and win
Economic System
Liquidity pool 95% & Core team 5%

Potion Seller offers an innovative economic-system designed to endure in time.
The main game token is BNB.

No native token benefits

  • Players will be able to plan ahead.
  • Free visualization of the liquidity pool anytime.
  • No token speculation.
  • Less contract scam risk
  • No whales risk.
  • Token will not lose value.
  • Add value to PotionSeller NFTs.
  • Initial project proposal
  • Strategic planning
  • Game concept
  • Roadmap
  • Blockchain implementation
  • Economic System
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Alpha version (Not P2E)
  • Website and Whitepaper launch
  • Exclusive NFT Seed Sale
  • Pre-Sale(s) NFT
  • Marketplace opening
  • Open Beta P2E
  • Implementation: Collector mechanic
  • Sacred and Mythical Cauldrons Crafting
  • Official Game Launch
  • NFT amulets and pets launch
  • Implementation: potion brewing mechanic
  • Implementation: Haggling mechanic
  • Stores NFT
  • Worldmap launch.
  • Travelers system
  • P2P Trade
The official document with everything you need to know about Potion Seller.

Read Whitepaper
Frequently Asked Quesions
How are the closed Beta P2E users?

People who won the whitelist and buy grimoires at the first 8 hours Seed Sale are the first group (13rd March).

People who were on the giveaway list and buy grimoires on FCFS mode Seed Sale are the second group (17th March)

The third group (TBA) will be users that buy grimoires on the pre sale.

How can I get into the Beta P2E?

Find the tutorial in our medium

What do I need to do in order to play Beta?

To be part, have to go to “Wallet Inventory” and approve your cauldrons then put on “stake” mode the ones that you want to use in game.

What does “stake” mean?

Stake means that you put your cauldron in game.

I don’t have Beta Access, can I approve and stake my cauldrons?

Yes. You can approve and stake your cauldrons in the meanwhile.

What about the fees on game?

There are some fees that will be charged when you approve and stake. This fee is just one time for each cauldron.

Additionally, there will be fees when you buy RODOS and claim BNB. There are no internal transactions.

Why is there a high fee when I want to buy?

A high fee is a warning error, this happens when your wallet is not part of Closed Beta Group 1.

People who won the Whitelist and buy grimoires on the first 8 hours Seed Sale (February 2nd). If you buy a grimoire later than that date, you’re in group 2 which starts on March 16th.

How about the RODO/BNB exchange?

The exchange is 1100 RODOS = 0.1BNB.

The game does not allow me to buy RODOS

P2E Closed Beta access is available according to their groups (1,2 or 3). If you bought grimoires on the Seed Pre Sale or Sale and have any problem please contact any official admin account.

When can I claim my BNB?

Claiming is not going to be available for the first few days (Beta) because safety ensures. When this changes it will be announced in all our socials!

How often do the ingredients prices that pythoness shows you change?

Currently, the ingredients prices that pythoness shows you change each week (7 days).

When the day reset?

Each day reset each 24 hours at 00:00 UTC.

How many ingredients each potion requires?

This will depend on the potion but the potion’s recipe won’t change any time soon.

The recipes won’t show until you craft your first potion.

I can’t do anything besides my wallet is connected

This could happen when your wallet is not detected, so relog in order to be in the right net.